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Our services and school contracts have been taken over by other operators.

We understand these are as follows:

Bus Services

Collingham 367                               Gem Mini Travel

Fernwood 341                                Gem Mini Travel

       Caunton 332                                  Marshalls Sutton On Trent

Retford 335                                   Not yet awarded

Walesby 136                                  Gem Mini Travel

Edwinstowe 227                             Not yet awarded


School Contracts


                          Tuxford Academy 609/609B             609 Stagecoach 609B Marshalls Sutton On Trent

Tuxford 936                               Awaiting information

Lowes Wong 924                             Glenn Ryder Coaches

Minster School 365                         Marshalls Sutton On Trent

Minster School 966                         Awaiting information

Long Bennington 3483                  Awaiting information

Grantham 3957                                Awaiting information

Harby 909                                          Gem Mini Travel

Stamford School                              Blands Coaches















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